b'BEGINNERS SEWING WITH ABORDERS, BINDING, AND QUILTING EMPHASIS BEAUTIFUL FINISHED QUILTS Knitting and crocheting areNEWmaking a strong comeback so why cantLearn how to properly measure and quilting and sewing. In this course, weapply borders so your quilts square will start from the very beginning witheasier and avoid rippling. Binding is the your machine. You will need to bring afinishing edge on quilts and adds creative machine and the list of supplies to start.elements and a frame around the quilt. We will start sewing on paper and moveLearn how to machine bind a quilt. This to fabrics. Quilting offers so many greatclass will require sewing experience, a opportunities for someone like me whosewing machine, and a list of supplies. If appreciates a quicker turn around onyou are looking to start sewing take the projects. Henry Ford said, Whether youBeginners Sewing class and get in some believe you can or cant, you are right.experience so you can join us for this Anyone can do this!! class as well. Entry Deadline:Session 1: April 17 Entry Deadline:Session 1: June 5Session 2: May 8 Session 2: August 14Session 3: July 17 Entry Fee:$25.00 per sessionEntry Fee:$25.00 per session Held on: Session 1: Wednesday, June 12 Held on: Session 1: Wednesday, April 24 Session 2: Wednesday, August 21Session 2: Wednesday, May 15 Time:6:30 - 8:30pmSession 3: Wednesday, July 24 Ages:55 & olderTime:6:30 - 8:30pm Location:Leisure CenterAges:55 & older Limitations:Min. 3 Max. 12Location:Leisure Center Instructor:Amanda LegleiterLimitations:Min. 3 Max. 12Instructor:Amanda Legleiter READY SET GOLet the race begin.Turn a card PICKLEBALL FOR ALL over and take a step forward first Do you have questions or dontone to the end wins. Everyone know how to play pickleball? will enjoy some snacks at the end of our Do you want to improve your game orgame. learn the rules of the game?Sign up forEntry Deadline:April 10pickleballl lessons for the novice to theEntry Fee:$2.00intermediate player. Held on:Wednesday, April 17Entry Deadline:May 29 Times:1:302:30pmEntry Fee:$25.00 Ages:55 & olderHeld on:Tuess & Thurs.s - June 4 - 13 Location:Leisure CenterTime:9:30 - 11:30am Limitations:Min. 5 Max. 12Age:18 & olderLocation:Recreation Center GymsLimitations:Min. 4 Max 126 Hays Recreation Commission - 1105 Canterbury Drive - Hays, KS 67601'