b'PROGRAM UPDATES:You can catch all theAMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES program information offered by the HRC severalACT (ADA):The programs and services ways. provided by the Hays Recreation Commission TV:Watch us on the HRC Channel, Nex-Techshould be accessible to all citizens, regardless of Cable Channel 106!Tune in for program up- a disability.With this in mind, the HRC intends dates, replays of games and activities, interviewsto provide equally effective access to its publicly and much more! provided services for individuals with a disability.RADIO:Listen the 1st Monday of the monthIf any individual requires reasonable accommo-at 8:15am on KAYS and every other Tuesday atdations for a service or program, that individual 8:00am on KJLS. Here you will be able to learnshall provide sufficient advance notice to the more about the different activities coming up atHays Recreation Commission in order for that the HRC. service to be provided.NEWSPAPER:Program updates are avail-able through the HRC Calendar each Sunday inLOST AND FOUND: Items of value (cam-The Hays Daily News. eras, keys, cell phones) turned in will be kept in a PHONE:You can call the HRC office aftersecure location for three months.Items of non-hours and press 3 for program information.Thevalue (clothing, shoes, hats, etc.) are kept for information hotline will provide you with upcom- one month.Items left longer will be donated to ing deadlines. a local non-profit agency.Items lost at locations WEB:You can go to www.haysrec.org to findother than the Recreation Center are kept at that out about upcoming deadlines and view the cur- location till the end of season and then donated.rent list of upcoming programs.E-MAIL:Sign up for our bi-weekly e-mail.Thursdays provide you with the details of each activity, and Tuesdays is a quick reminder that tomorrow is the deadline.VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES:Indi-viduals interested in becoming involved in their community through volunteer work have numer-ous options through the Hays Recreation Com-mission.We offer youth sports such as softball, baseball, soccer, tennis and basketball.In addi-tion, we offer programs such as life enrichment classes, day camps and other programs through-out the year.For all of these programs we need coaches, scorekeepers, game officials, help with registra-tion, supervision, and specialized instruction.Come be a part of our program.The benefits are endless.EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES:The HRC is an Equal Opportunity Employer, which offers opportunities in all areas of recreation.Applications for program supervisors, umpires, referees, instructors, gym supervisors, score-keepers, sports field maintenance and more are all being accepted at the HRC office.Sign up today for TextCaster!Stay up to date with weather cancella-tions, deadlines and other announcments.Go to www.haysrec.org and sign up.785-623-2650 - www.haysrec.org - hrc@haysrec.org 61'