b'We encourage you to not let these things ACTIVE 55ruin your trip!*Do not do anything that distracts the These are some of the classes we havedrivertargeted for our participants that are*Remain seated until the bus comes to a over 55 years young.We encourage youcomplete stop.to register for the classes in the Adult*Keep feet and objects out of the aislessection as well.Also, we encourage*Never throw objectsyou to let us know about other activities*Keep head and arms inside the busthat interest you.We will do our best to*Help keep the bus clean pick up after match your interests with an opportunityyourselfto participate. *Be quiet when crossing railroad tracks*Use of tobacco or alcohol products is The Hays Recreation Commission intendsprohibitedfor all of its programs to be accessible to*Glass containers are not allowedeveryone.If you require a reasonable*Do not bring objects that would impair /accommodation for a service or programobstruct the drivers vision/viewplease notify the HRC office with suf- *Seatbelts must be wornficient notice so that arrangements can*Please respect the people behind you be made.For any of the trips we offer,and keep your seat in the upright posi-please note that some of the destinationstionare not as accessible as others.Please*Seat rotation will be implemented dur-call Gail at the HRC office if you haveing the days travel if necessaryquestions prior to signing up for a trip. In Case of EmergencyTRIP ETIQUETTE *Remain Calm*Listen to the Drivers InstructionsWhile Waiting for the Bus: *Exit Promptly*Please arrive on time.Be here 15 min- *Any damage or defacing of any kind to utes before the scheduled departurethe bus that passenger will pay for the time. damages and will not be allowed to take *Wait for the bus to come to a completeany further trips with the HRC.stop before boarding the bus.While Boardingthe Bus: TRIP REFUND POLICY*Please be considerate of those with limi- Trips that require advance ticket pur-tations who may require the front seats chase no refunds will be issuedsee *No pushing or shoving trip description.Trips with not requiring *Watch your step advance tickets a full refund will be is-While On the Bus: sued if cancelled by the Deadline date.*Please be flexible and remember thatAfter the Deadline there will be a $5.00 things dont always go as planned. processing fee charged, up until two days Things like, traffic, and weather (Discre- prior to the trip when no refund will be tion will be utilized by the HRC staff)given.could effect the trip.4 Hays Recreation Commission - 1105 Canterbury Drive - Hays, KS 67601'