b'CORE30 minutes MondaysGet ready to sculpt and strengthen the stabilizer of the bodyYOUR CORE.This 30-minute class will solely focus on just thatCOREWe have a great rotation of other classes that include but are not limited to these classes.SPINIn this class, our instructors will take you through a 30-minute ride through various methods.From hills to sprints, this class will make that heart work, making this a great cardiovascular workout.**Pre-registration is strongly recommended, as bikes are limited.WARM SPINWe will bump the temp up and make sure you sweat through this class.This is a 30-minute Spin class on the bike for the whole class period.Our instructor will take you on a ride with various intervals and hills.You will never be bored and all the while burning some major calories.**Please bring a towel and water.The class will start promptly at 5:00am.**Pre-registration is strongly advised**STRENGTH CIRCUITSThis strength-based class will have you looking your best.This 30-minute strength blast, will get that heart pumping, and make that body a lean, mean fat burnin machine.WARM HIITThinkin you cant possibly get a good workout in 30 minuteswell come to this class and you will leave with a different opinion. Through various timed intervals, we will get that heart pumping and maximize our time.The room will be heated so PLEASE bring a water bottle.METABOLIC CONDITIONINGThis class will have a heavy focus on strength, with the use of many different implements and strategies to get you in the best shape of your life.Your metabolism will rev up and stay up all day. TOTAL BODY BOSUThis class is just the way to end your week.You will get an awesome mix of exercises using a core strengthening Bosu ball.Moving through various exercises, circuit style so you will NEVER get bored.Finishing off with a nice stretch session.785-623-2650 - www.haysrec.org - hrc@haysrec.org 55'