b'HAVE YOURRegistration startsNEXT EVENTOnline: April 5AT THE HRC!! In office: April 8Did you know that you have theOnline Resistration Instructionsopportunity to use the Hays Rec-reation Center for birthday parties, showers,1) Visit www.haysrec.orgmeetings, and other events?Hays Recreation Commission programs take priority over facil-ity use, but after that they are open for you2) Click on Online Registration buttonto use.Reservations are honored on a first come, first paid basis.A reservation form and3) Create an account if you dont already fees must be paid and authorization grantedhave one.*before any facility may be rented.For a complete copy of the Facility Use Policy con-tact the HRC office. Some restrictions apply,4) Once your account has been approved please call our office to see if your event can(which may take up to 72 hours), click be held at the HRC! the on Online Registration button to Conference Rooms register for classes.We have two conference rooms located at the* If you have signed up for ANY activitiy Recreation Center.since 2008 you have an account.If you Marcy Allenbaugh Conference Room will hold approximately 60 people. dont know your household ID please call This room has a refrigerator/freezer, stove,the office at 785-623-2650 and we can microwave and sink. e-mail it to you.Rates per hour: Other Registration OptionsMonday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm$15.00 per hourAll other times - $30.00 per hour 1) Visit the HRC office at 1105 Canterbury Drive.Dale Allenbaugh Conference Room will hold approximately 20 people. 2) Drop your form and payment in the Rates per hour:Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm dropbox located by our sign in the front $10.00 per hour drive way.All other times - $20.00 per hourGyms 3) Mail your form and payment to HRC, 1105 Canterbury Drive, Hays KS 67601.Gyms will only be rented outside of normal operating hours.After hours, our gyms rent for $40.00 per hour per gym.We have three gyms at the Recreation Center.Gyms 1 & 2NEVER MISS are separated by a drape that can be raisedA DEADLINE or lowered depending on the need.Gym 3 has doors on it which can be closed makingAGAIN.Go to it a separate area.We also have the 13thwww.haysrec.org and Street Gym.No food or drinks are allowedsign up 24 hours a into any of our gyms.day 7 days a week!785-623-2650 - www.haysrec.org - hrc@haysrec.org 3'