b'FALL COED SOFTBALL COED KICKBALL LEAGUETeams consisting of at least 6 men and 4For all adults out there that need to relive those women are welcome to join us for a great fallelementary school playground years! At least 9 softball season.Recreational leagues will playpeople must be on a team.on Tuesday evenings; Competitive leagues willEntry Deadline: September 4play on Thursday evenings. Due to the numberEntry Fee:$100.00of teams signed up in each league these nightsGames:6 Gamescould change. Played on:Tuesdays - Sept. 10 - OctoberThe COED MID-SEASON TOURNAMENT willLocation:Bickle/Schmidt Sports Complexbe held on September 21. Part of league fee.Entry Deadline:August 21Entry Fee:$300.00Games:14 GamesPlayed:Sept. 3 - October MS/HS SUMMER LEAGUELocation:Bickle/Schmidt Sports ComplexFALL MENS SOFTBALL SUMMER MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL LEAGUESKeep your summer team together or create aThis program will bring high school basketball new one and join us this fall for our Mens Adultplayers from across the area to Hays for summer Softball.basketball. Sign up as a team. Entry Deadline:August 21 Entry Deadline:May 15Entry Fee:$300.00 Entry Fee:$35.00 per playerGames:14 Games Teams come to us already formedPlayed on:WednesdaysAugust 28 - October Age groups:Grades 7 & 8 & 9-12Location:Bickle-Schmidt Sports Complex (2019-20 school year)Play begins:Middle School: May 29FALL COED VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE High School Girls: June 2Join us for the exciting League with teamsHigh School Boys: June 4divided into Competitive, Intermediate andLocation:HRC & Hays High SchoolRecreation leagues. Play to be held:Entry Deadline:August 28 High School: Sundays and TuesdaysEntry Fee:$150.00 Middle School: WednesdaysGames:10 Games Times:5:00pm start times approximatelyPlayed on:Mondays - Sept. 9 - November Awards:All participants will receive aLocation:Recreation Center League t-shirtFALL WOMENS VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE SUMMER MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL Join us for the exciting League with teams dividedVOLLEYBALL LEAGUEinto Recreational and Competitive leagues. This program will bring middle school & high Entry Deadline:August 28 school volleyball players from across the area to Entry Fee:$150.00 Hays for summer volleyball.There will also be an Games:10 Games end of season tournament for this league.Played on:Sundays - Sept. 8 - November Entry Deadline:May 15Location:Recreation Center Entry Fee:$35.00 per playerTeams come to us already formedULTIMATE FLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE Age groups:Grades 7 & 8 & 9 - 12 Grab some friends and join us for our exciting(2019-20 school year)Ultimate Flag Football League. This will be a fast- Play begins:May 30paced 7v7 League!Location:HRC and Hays High SchoolEntry Deadline:August 28 Play to be held:Varsity - MondaysEntry Fee:$100.00 JVMondays or ThursdaysGames:6 Games Middle School - ThursdaysPlayed on:Thursdays - Sept. 5 - October Times:3:00pm start times approximatelyLocation:Bickle/Schmidt Sports Complex Awards:All participants will receive aLeague t-shirt785-623-2650 - www.haysrec.org - hrc@haysrec.org 45'