b'CHILD PROTECTION POLICYYOUTH SPORTS The Hays Recreation Commission offers programs to people of all ages that are held in a variety of locations.We feel that our programs add to the THE GOAL OF OUR YOUTH SPORTSquality of life within our already outstanding com-PROGRAMS. munity.However, given the size of our programs .is to provide quality programming with respon- and the number of facilities needed to administer sible leaders so youth have the opportunity tothem, we cannot directly monitor the well being grow and learn.We are not a training ground forof all of our participants.future stars or college athletes; rather, we are a program in which opportunity for participationAccordingly, all HRC employees and volunteers is provided to all who enter, regardless of skillwho have direct access to children must sign a or ability level.We wish to provide youth with arelease of information authorizing the HRC to FUN learning experience and the opportunity toconduct a background check.Background checks develop lifetime leisure skills. will be conducted through the Hays Police Depart-ment information gained from these background YOUTH SPORTS PROGRAM POLICIES checks will be kept confidential and used solely All teams will be formed by the Hays Recre- for the protection of the children in our commu-ation Commission utilizing a computer softwarenity.program designed to balance teams by ages orKeep in mind that we are not trying to hold grades and skill level. anyone accountable for those unpaid parking A $5.00 per child late registration fee will betickets or anything similar.Additionally, we are charged for all late registration.Late registrationnot trying to scare anyone out of volunteering.will be accepted until youth teams are full.AfterWe realize that even though we live in a great teams are full all late registration will be put ontocommunity, we are not immune to the dangers a waiting list.Waiting list applicants will not bein society.Our goal is simple; we feel the need guaranteed placement.Late registration sign-upto take this step simply to provide an additional may not request to be placed on a specific team. layer of protection for the youth in our programs.Youth will be contacted by their coach as toOther facets of this policy include a Behavioral when/where practices will be held, as well asReport Form that can be used to more effec-game schedules. tively document problems with coaches, parents, spectators, officials or players. Copies of the Refund policy:No refunds will be granted afterentire Child Protection Policy will be available the season begins unless a participant becomesin our office.Although we realize that this may injured or moves away. be more work and will require more cooperation on your part, we feel that it will be worth it.We Requests for three coaches to coach a teamwant to make sure that our programs are safe together will not be allowed unless one of theto enjoy the many benefits of participation.We coaches does not have a child participating in thehope you agree.program.No requests for youth to be placed on the same team will be allowed unless both youth live outside of the Hays city limits and live within a reasonable distance from each other.Out of district participants will be charged a $5.00 out of district fee per individual.For game and practice cancellations and post-ponements, Sign up for TextCaster Text or likeSign up today for TextCaster!our Facebook page. Stay up to date with weather cancella-tions, deadlines and other announcments.Go to www.haysrec.org and sign up.785-623-2650 - www.haysrec.org - hrc@haysrec.org 39'