b'OUTSIDE ORGANIZATIONS record, and explore the evidence for evolution we Other organizations in the area provide us withfind preserved in the rocks!information about their programs.For more information about any of the programs belowDesert Naturalist Camp (June 23rd-29th) (Tuition please contact them directly. is $660 per member, and $740 per non-member)STERNBERG MUSEUM ELEMENTARYThis summer we will be driving from Hays, Kansas to Arches National Monument in Utah! On SCIENCE CAMPS our way, we will explore wildlife and ecosystems Elementary Camps Scholarships are available.from prairie to mountains to rocky deserts. We Registration information can be found atwill camp at different locations along the way, Sternberg.fhsu.edu/active-learning/camps/ and use tools such as GPS units, black lights, elementary spotting scopes, and aspirators (tiny insect Junior Earth Explorers (1st-3rd graders) vacuums) to learn about how professional Session 1: June 17th21st scientists investigate the natural world. Students Session 2: July 29thAugust 2nd will explore how plant and animal life interacts These are half-day camps, running from 8:30am in remarkable, unique ways bursting with 12:30pm. opportunities for discovery! We will also introduce Each registration is $150 per Sternbergessential concepts in ecology and evolution that Museum member, and $175 per non-member.are key to understanding how living systems and Registrations are for the full week (five days)organisms work, change, and interact. Along session of camps. the way, we will emphasize discussion of ideas Advanced Earth Explorers (4th & 5th graders) and critical thinking skills, helping students build July 15th19th knowledge as well as mental tools to tackle These are full-day camps, running from 8:30amcomplex subjects. This camp is perfect for any3pm. middle school students with a love for wildlife and Each registration is $300 per Sternbergthe outdoors. We cant wait for you to join us!Museum member, and $350 per non-member.Sternberg Museum High School Science Camps Registrations are for the full week (five days)(9th-12th grade.)session of camps. Scholarships are available. Registration Sternberg Museum Middle School Science Campsinformation can be found at Sternberg.fhsu.edu/(6th-8th grade) active-learning/camps/high-schoolScholarships are available. RegistrationIntroduction to Paleontology Research (FHSU information can be found at Sternberg.fhsu.edu/ campus) - July 7- 12active-learning/camps/middleschool Southwest Wildlife Biology -July 13 - 19Paleontology Expedition Camp (July 7th-12th)Ecuador Wildlife Biology - July 21August 3(Tuition is $625 per member, and $700 per non- Field Paleontology: Australia - July 14 Aug. 2member) Field Paleontology: Kansas - July 7 - 19Come explore the fossils of Kansas! Sharks,Field Volcanology - June 23 - July 5ammonites, giant clams, ancient sea turtles,This summer the Sternberg Museum is offering fossilized ferns, and giant mosasaurs are onlymore amazing science education opportunities the beginning of the incredible diversity of fossilfor high school students looking to explore, and organisms found here. In this camp, studentsexpand their skills and knowledge in earth and will be introduced to paleontology field worklife sciences! Scholarships are available for all of done right. Using professional field equipment,our domestic programs. We cant wait for you to we will prospect for surface fossils, documentjoin us this summer!sites, and learn how to correctly and safely excavate fossil material. Along the way, students will learn how to identify fossil material, and be introduced to the basics of sedimentary geology. Discussion and building critical thinking skills are also emphasized as we learn about the geologic 38 Hays Recreation Commission - 1105 Canterbury Drive - Hays, KS 67601'