b"TUMBLING 3 & OLDERTUMBLING TOTS HEAD OVER HEELS TUMBLINGTwists, turn, roll, and balance. These skills andFlips, turns, twists, and rolls will be some of more will be incorporated into an excellentthe skills that you will learn in this fun-filled program for young children ages 35.Childrentumbling class designed to enhance muscle will learn motor skills, build muscles, developcoordination and strength.Students will learn coordination and socialize. forward and backward rolls, bridges, and Entry Deadline:Session 1: May 29 cartwheels.Progression will depend on each Session 2: July 3 students abilities. This is a 10-week course!Entry Fee:$15.00 per session Entry Deadline:May 29Held on:Session 1: MondaysJune 3July 1 Entry Fee:$40.00Session 2: MondaysJuly 8August 5 Held on:MondaysJune 3August 5Time:9:3010:00am Time:1:452:30pmAges:3 - 5 Ages:5 - 8Location:Recreation Center Location:Recreation CenterLimitations:Min. 6 Max. 10 Limitations:Min. 8 Max. 12TUMBLING FOR TWEENS SEMI-PRIVATE TUMBLING LESSONSThis class will aid you in learning a varietyAre you interested in taking your childs tumbling of tricks and increasing strength, balance,to a more individualized plan? Check out our flexibility, and coordination. Progression willsemi-privates.Kids are in groups of 2 or 3 depend on individual abilities. Prerequisites forbased on age and skill level. They work with this course are a bridge and cartwheel.their coach in 30-minutes sessions once a week. This is a 10-week course! Sessions are 10-weeks long. Call to get your Entry Deadline:May 29 Childs name on the list!Entry Fee:$40.00 Entry Fee:$70.00 per sessionHeld on:MondaysJune 3August 5 Held on:Year-roundTime:1:001:45pm Time:Set up on an individual basisAges:8 - 11 Ages:5 & olderLocation:Recreation Center Location:Recreation CenterLimitations:Min. 8 Max. 12OUTSIDE ORGANIZATIONSOther organizations in the area provide us with information about their programs.For more information about any of the programs below please contact them directly.MOMS CLUB OF HAYS, KS activities like Book Club, Fitness Pals, Moms Night The MOMS Club of Hays, KS is a local chapterOut, Breakfast Club, Kid Craft and much more.of the International MOMS Club. Our purpose isTo join or find out more about MOMS Club, please to provide support for mothers who choose tocome to our MOMS Monthly Meeting on the first stay home to raise their children. Our monthlyThursday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at the calendar offers a variety of groups and activitiesHays Recreation Center (Oct.-May) or Sonic for both moms and children. We also complete at(June-Sept.). You are also welcome to attend one least one service project each year that benefitsactivity (exceptions apply) prior to joining. For children in our community. a list of activities, or answers to any questions Membership opportunities include preschool play- regarding MOMS Club, please contact us at groups, park playdates, organized field trip/tours,momsclubofhaysks@gmail.com or find us on seasonal parties, and other activities/events de- Facebook at MOMS Club of Hays, KS.signed to aid your child's social and developmen-tal skills. Moms may also choose to be involved in 785-623-2650 - www.haysrec.org - hrc@haysrec.org 37"