b'Held on:Monday, June 17Time:10:0010:45amAges:3 - 5 w/an adultLocation:Leisure CenterLimitations:Min. 5 Max. 20FREAKY FRIDAYSMoms or dads, its time to drop off your children and spend some time to yourself or with friends.Children will enjoy the morning doing arts and crafts, playing games, having snacks, and developing social interaction skills with other children.We request that children be able to use the restroom by themselves. Each month will have a special theme. Entry Deadline: Session 1: May 29Session 2: July 17Session 3: August 7Entry Fee: $5.00 YOUVE NEVER HAD Held on: Session 1: Friday, May 31Session 2: Friday, July 19 IT SO GOOD!Session 3: Friday, August 9Times: 9:0011:00amAges:3 - 5Location: Leisure Center OPEN DAILYLimitations: Min. 5 Max. 12 11AM - 11PMNATIONAL YOGA DAYYou are invited to come and celebrate OM333 W 8TH STInternational Yoga Day. The event will be filled with yoga poses, yoga games and a lot of fun.This is a great time for your kids and yourself toDELIVERY: experience yoga in a fun way.NamasteEntry Deadline:June 19 11AM TO CLOSING Entry Fee:FREEHeld on:Friday, June 21 (785) 625-7114 Times:9:30 - 10:15amAges:212 w/an adultLocation:Bickle-Schmidt Sports Complex WWW.TACOSHOP.NETLimitations:Min. 5 Max. 50IN THE MEADOW Lets explore all things that live in the meadow with stories, songs, art, and games.Build a snack before you leave to enjoy at home.Entry Deadline:July 3Entry Fee:$6.00Held on:ThursdaysJuly 1125Times:9:30 - 10:15am Proud Ages:23 w/an adultLocation:Leisure Center sponsor Limitations:Min. 5 Max. 12 of:785-623-2650 - www.haysrec.org - hrc@haysrec.org 29'