b'OUR MISSION STATEMENTTo provide diversified leisure activities and high qual-ity facilities and programs and to be proactive in pro-viding recreational and educational opportunities that enhance the quality of life in our community.1105 Canterbury OUR GOALSHays, KS 67601To increase participation and retention of clientele through quality diversified programming.Office: 785-623-2650To be receptive to community needs and to further Fax: 785-623-2657 the development of physical facilities. To encourage and promote a positive public image.Fitness Center: 785-623-2658To recruit and retain quality recreation professionals and staff.www.haysrec.orgTo ensure public trust through the responsible hrc@haysrec.org management of public funds.HRC STAFFRoger Bixenman, CPRP, Superintendent .roger@haysrec.orgMissy Droegemeier, Office Manager missy@haysrec.orgGrant Lacy, AFO, Aquatics Director .grant@haysrec.orgGail Wickham, Youth/Senior Program Director gail@haysrec.orgHaley Nixon, Adult/IDD Program Director. haley@haysrec.orgDave Quillin, ACE-CPT, Wellness Director .dave@haysrec.orgKristen Wildeman, ISSA-CPT, Fitness Specialist . kristen@haysrec.orgKeith Smith, Youth Sports Director keith@haysrec.orgBrandon Maska, Adult Sports Director .brandon@haysrec.orgAJ Preisner, Sports Complex Director . ajpreisner@haysrec.orgNeal Duden, Maintenance/Custodial Director . neal@haysrec.orgHRC BOARD MEMBERSTom Albers ChairmanMark Junk Vice ChairmanDustin Armbruster SecretaryNancy Jeter .CommissionerJeff Briggs .Commissioner Spring Open Gym HoursMarch 1 - May 31 HRC programsOFFICE HOURS take priority over Monday - Fridayopen gym time.A 5:00am - 9:00pm gym schedule is Saturday - 9:00am - 5:00pm updated weeklyMonday, Tuesday, Thursday & FridaySunday - 1:00 - 5:00pm and is available8:00am - 5:00pmSummer Open Gym Hours each Friday in the June 1 - August 31 office or on the Monday - Thursday - 5:00am - 9:00pm web at Deadline WednesdayFriday - 5:00am - 7:00pm www.haysrec.org. 8:00am - 6:00pmSaturday & Sunday - 1:00pm - 5:00pm785-623-2650 - www.haysrec.org - hrc@haysrec.org 1'