b'balloons, dancing and just have fun playing withKIDS ROCKother kids. This is a 45-minute class that runs through Entry Deadline:April 17 different games in order to help burn off extra Entry Fee:$10.00 energy and increase balance, endurance, Held on:TuesdaysApril 23 - May 14 and even strength. Your child will do creative Times:9:3010:15am movements with music as they get some extra Ages:2 - 3 w/an adult movement into their arms and legs.We will Location:Leisure Center learn body awareness, motor skill, and control of Limitations:Min. 5 Max. 12 direction speed and energy. Let the fun beginEntry Deadline:May 8CHICKA CHICKA BOOM BOOM!Entry Fee:$8.00This favorite childrens book will comeHeld on:ThursdaysMay 16 - 30alive in this class! Your child will learnTimes/Ages:9:30 - 10:15amabout letters and make their own ChickaAges:3 - 5Chicka Boom Boom tree. They will also use fineLocation:Leisure Centermotor skills by making alphabet letters out ofLimitations:Min. 5 Max. 15play dough. This is a fun class that your child wont want to miss! EXPLORING THE WORLD OF ARTEntry Deadline:May 1 We know that its important to encourage Entry Fee:$5.00 creativity and a sense of exploration in kids. Held on:Tuesday, May 7 Learning colors, basic color mixing, shape, and Time:9:3010:15am patterns. Using different materials will be a part Ages:2 - 4 w/an adult of this class.Location:Leisure Center Entry Deadline:May 22Limitations:Min. 5 Max. 12 Entry Fee:$4.00Instructor:Amy Shaffer Held on:Tuesday, May 28Times:Session 1: 9:3010:15amPLAY, CLAY, FUN Session 2: 5:30 - 6:15pmMake your own play dough! Shape and createAges:Session 1: 2 - 5 w/an adultsomething new in class.We will form, dry, andSession 2: 2 - 10 w/an adultpaint a masterpiece of your very own to bringLocation:Leisure Centerhome. Limitations:Min. 5 Max. 15Entry Deadline:May 1Entry Fee:$5.00 TROPICAL ISLAND LUAUHeld on:Thursday, May 9 We will learn about tropical islands Times:Session 1: 10:0010:45 am using a hands-on approach that will Session 2: 5:306:15pm incorporate music, movement, math, Ages:Session 1: 3 - 5 w/adult science, cooking, and art activities.Lets go on a Session 2: 3 - 10 w/an adult luau!Location:Leisure Center Entry Deadline:May 29Limitation:Min. 6 Max. 15 Entry Fee:$6.00Held on:Thursdays - June 6-27Times:9:30-10:15amAges:2 - 4 w/an adultLocation:Leisure CenterLimitations:Min. 5 Max. 12Sign up today for TextCaster!Stay up to date with weather cancella-tions, deadlines and other announcments.Go to www.haysrec.org and sign up.785-623-2650 - www.haysrec.org - hrc@haysrec.org 27'