b'LITTLE FINGER PLAYBring your little ones to create a project.Getting messy with finger paints andTINY TAS - 2-5 YR. OLDSother materials is part of the fun.Stories will be read and a snack provided.HATS OFFEntry Deadline:July 31 Lets explore all the people who live Entry Fee:$6.00 and work in our community from a Held on:WednesdaysAugust 7 - 21 mailman to a hairdresser.Activities Time:10:3011:00am will be based on the community helper that Ages:12 - 24 months w/an adult week.We will also take a field trip to visit Location:Leisure Center community helpers at their jobs. Stories, art, Limitations:Min. 5 Max. 10 and motor movement will be a part of this class. THINGS THAT FLY Entry Deadline:April 10Is it a bird, a plane, a seed? ComeEntry Fee:$10.00explore all sorts of things that can fly. Held on:Wednesdays - April 17May 8Story, craft and other fun activities toTime:9:3010:15amhelp us learn about things in the sky. Ages:2 - 4 w/an adultEntry Deadline:August 28 Location:Leisure CenterEntry Fee:$2.00 Limitations:Min. 5 Max. 12Held on:Thursday, September 5Time:10:0010:30am BEDTIME BUDDYAges:12 - 24 months w/an adult Come on kids stuff an animal and Location:Leisure Center decorate a t-shirt.Well play games, Limitations:Min. 5 Max. 10 sing songs, and read stories with our NEVER MISSnew friends.A light snack will be provided.Your child will go home with a new bedtime friend and A DEADLINEmemories to last a lifetime.AGAIN.Go toEntry Deadline:April 17Entry Fee:$3.00www.haysrec.org andHeld on:Monday, April 22sign up 24 hours aTime:10:0010:45amAges:3 - 5 w/an adultday 7 days a week! Location:Leisure CenterLimitations:Min. 5 Max. 15EXPAND YOUR WEE WIGGLERSCONNECTION! Wee Wigglers is a fun way to develop gross motor Nex-Tech Premium Wi-Fi skills and social interaction in young boys and girls.In this fun-filled class, children will utilize Only $6/month!* parachutes, foam balls, bean bags, scooters and more at the HRC gym in fun and exciting ways.Entry Deadline:April 17Entry Fee:$10.00Held on:Tues.s - April 23 - May 14Times/Ages:10:30 - 11:15amAges:3 - 5Location:Leisure CenterLimitations:Min. 5 Max. 12WIGGLES AND GIGGLESGet your child registered for this program and watch your child wiggle and giggle the time away.*With subscrip\x13ion to Protec\x13ion Plus This will be a supervised play-time for your child to run around and have fun playing with balls, 26 Hays Recreation Commission - 1105 Canterbury Drive - Hays, KS 67601'