b'COMBATTING SEASONALDOG OBEDIENCE BY FUR-EVER ALLERGIES FRIENDSTake a look at how the body fights aller- This class is for dogs that are ages 6 months and gies, and learn how it can be helped withup.The Handler must provide a copy of shots these simple tricks. Free samples included. that include rabies and bordatella.There must Entry Deadline:May 15 be at least one handler per dog.In this class, Entry Fee:$15.00 the handler will be trained to train their dog.Held onWednesday, May 22 They will learn basic obedience which includes sit, Times:5:306:15pm down, sit-stay, and down-stay; leave it and how Ages:16 & older to walk on a leash.A head collar or pinch collar Location:Leisure Center is preferred for this class.NO choke chains are Limitations:Min. 3 Max. 15 allowed.No flexi-leashes are allowed, prefer a Instructor:Jessica Moffitt 6-8 foot nylon leash (they will be dragging the Certified Health Education Specialist leash around).On week 6 of the class, the dogs will have fun with agility obstacles and will also SUMMER SMOOTHIES receive a diploma.If the handler is unsatisfied Come learn how to make smoothies arewith the dogs progression, they can retake the both refreshing and delicious, all whileclass for half price.helping maintain health. Make your ownEntry Deadline:Session 1: May 29recipe in class and then try it out! Session 2: July 10Entry Deadline:May 15 Entry Fee:$75.00Entry Fee:$15.00 Held on: Session 1: MondaysJune 3July 8Held onWednesday, May 22 Session 2: MondaysJuly 15August 19Times:6:308:00pm Times:7:308:30pmAges:16 & older Ages:18 & olderLocation:Early Childhood Connections PlaygroundLocation:Leisure CenterLimitations:Min. 3 Max. 15 (Formally known as Washington ElementaryInstructor:Jessica Moffitt 305 Main StreetCertified Health Education Specialist Limitations:Min. 3 Max. 8Instructor: Raina AlmCertified Dog TrainerPUPPY COURSE BY FUR-EVERBUILD SOIL AND MAKE FRIENDS COMPOST 101This class is for puppys ages 10 weeks to 6Learn why microorganisms in your soil months.The Handler must provide a copy of firstand compost are the foundation to round of shots. There must be at least one han- gardening success, and how you can help them dler per dog. In this class, the puppies will learnthrive.socialization and a few of the basic obedienceEntry Deadline:May 1commands.On week 4 of the class, the puppyEntry Fee:$15.00will have fun with agility obstacles and will alsoHeld On:Saturday, May 4receive a diploma. Times:2:00pmEntry Deadline:Session 1: May 29 Ages: 18 & olderSession 2: July 10 Location:Recreation CenterEntry Fee:$50.00 Limitations:Min. 2 Max. 10Session 1: MondaysJune 3 - 24 Instructor:Nan Sundgren (Prairie Nana)Session 2: MondaysJuly 15August 5Times:6:307:30pmAges:18 & older ADULT GOLF LESSONSLocation:Early Childhood Connections Playground Are you looking for a great activity to do during(Formally known as Washington Elementary) the summer?If you are a beginner or just need-305 Main Street ing to clean up on your skills, why not learn how Limitations:Min. 3 Max. 8 to play the great game of golf? Instructor: Raina AlmCertified Dog Trainer Entry Deadline:May 29Entry Fee:$60.00Held on:Tues.s & Thurs.sJune 4 - 13Times:6:30 - 8:00pm16 Hays Recreation Commission - 1105 Canterbury Drive - Hays, KS 67601'