b'CHALKING WITH MARIE GARDEN CONSULTATION FOR Chalking is done by using screen-printBEGINNER GARDENERStransfers and either ink or paste. ItAre you thinking about having a gar-is done by laying transfer down andden for the first time this year, yet you spreading the paste over top and remove theare not sure how you should start?Sign up for transfer. Can use a variety of transfers on proj- a consultation with Prairie Nana, Nan Sundgren.ects. Its up to your creativity on how you wantWe will talk about your specific situation, and you to do your project. Every project is different. Acan get an idea of what you can do with what different project will be made at each class. Allyou have.Bring pictures or sketches of your lot supplies will be provided and projects will beor area where you will be gardening if you have completed that day. them.Enjoy an hour and a half of thinking about Entry Deadline:Session 1: May 1 what you might grow, and learning about practi-Session 2: May 29 cal ways you might do it.Session 3: June 26 Entry Deadline:Session 1: May 1Session 4: July 31 Session 2: May 29Entry Fee:$20.00Entry Fee:$15.00Held onSession 1: Tuesday, May 14 Held On:Session 1: Wednesday, May 8Session 2: Tuesday, June 11 Session 2: Wednesday, June 5Session 3: Tuesday, July 9 Times:6:00pmSession 4: Tuesday, August 13 Ages: 18 & olderTimes:6:30pm Location:Recreation CenterAges:18 & older Limitations:Min. 1 Max. 5Location:Leisure Center Instructor:Nan Sundgren (Prairie Nana)Limitations:Min. 3 Max. 10Instructor:Marie SchmidtbergerChalk Couture DesignerPRINTED PHOTO ORGANIZINGYou have printed photos stored in boxes, tubs,Integrity is What We Do, and albums.You know you should organize them but the task is just too overwhelming!The firstWhat We Say & What We Say, We Do!session of the class will teach a step by step system to help you finally get those photos outAir Conditioning - Heatingof the boxes and easy to share with friends andPlumbing - Sewer & Drain Cleaningfamily.The second session will show optionsAppliance Repair - Camper/RV Repairfor converting those photos, slides, and tapes to digital.Please bring your box of photos so we can start organizing together! 24 HOUR Entry Deadline:Session 1: May 1 EMERGENCY Session 2: July 3 SERVICES!Entry Fee:$30.00Held onSession 1: TuesdaysMay 7 & 14Session 2: TuesdaysJuly 9 & 16Times:7:008:00pmAges:18 & olderLocation:Leisure CenterLimitations:Min. 1 Max. 10Instructor:Sandy Werth785-656-1539HAYS, KS785-623-2650 - www.haysrec.org - hrc@haysrec.org 15'