b'bring your own. ADULT LEISURE We have groups that just hit the ball around for fun and others that play by the rules.The idea is just to get out and HAVE FUN, and get some SHARE YOUR TALENTS exercise!If you are interested in sharing a skill or talentHeld on:Monday - Fridaywith others, give us a call.We are always look- Time:8:00am - 12:00pming for new activities and we need instructors for (depending on court availability)them.The pay is competitive and it is a greatAge:55 & olderway to meet people.Call us today for more in- Location:Recreation Center Gymsformation about how you can be a part of sharing your talent with others. DROP IN PICKLEBALLWe have a court reserved on Wednesday evening ONGOING EVENTS - Join us for these great ongo- just for pickleball.Come give it a try, make new ing activities! friends.There are people of all skill levels who play.MONDAY NIGHT PINOCHLE Drop In Fee:$1.00All you have to do is show up for a great nightHeld on:Wednesdayof Pinochle.Bring your own partner or comeTime:6:308:30pmalone and pair up with someone.We will meetAge:18 & oldereach Monday from 7:009:00pm at the HaysLocation:Recreation Center Gym #3Recreation Center in the Marcy Allenbaugh Conference Room.The HRC will provide pop,PRIVATE AND SMALL GROUP DANCE popcorn, cards, and other supplies.You supplyLESSONSthe FUN!!!This program is open to anyoneLooking for a more one-on-one or small group age 18 & older.The program is free of chargesetting to practice your dance moves? We offer although donations will be accepted to help offsetsmall group dance lessons that can be tailored to the cost of supplies and supervisor. fit your schedule and needs.Swing dancing and line dancing lessons are available upon request.TUESDAY BRIDGE TIME Entry Deadline:Anytime!Do you love playing Bridge?If you are, comeEntry Fee:$10.00 per person/Groups of 5+on out to the Recreation Center and play.Get$20.00 per person/Groups of 4 or lesstogether with your friends and meet some new1-hour sessionsones while you play this great card game.ThisHeld on:Set up on individual basisprogram will meet every Tuesday from 1:00Ages:18 & older or under 18 w/an adult 5:00pm, in the Dale Allenbaugh ConferenceLocation:Leisure CenterRoom. Instructor:Jessica Moffitt-THURSDAY NIGHT PITCH ESSENTIAL OIL KICKSTARTERJoin us on Thursday nights for a fun evening ofThis class will provide you with recipes playing pitch.This program will meet from 7:00for successfully integrating essential oils - 9:00pm at the Recreation Center in the Daleinto your home for cleaning, aroma-Allenbaugh Conference Room.This program istherapy, and more. It will also include a 6-pack open to anyone age 18 & older. starter set of Prospectively Healthy Essential Oil Blends.PICKLEBALL Entry Deadline:April 10WE HAVE GROUPS LOOKING FOR PLAYERS!! Entry Fee:$25.00(We have a group specifically on WednesdayHeld onWednesday, April 17Morning 8:00am - 10:30am) Times:5:306:15pm*See new Pickleball class on next page! Ages:16 & olderThe fastest growing sport in America is played onLocation:Leisure Centera smaller court (the size of a badminton court). ItLimitations:Min. 3 Max. 15is played with a paddle (larger than a ping pongInstructor:Jessica Moffittpaddle, smaller than a tennis racquet) and aCertified Health Education Specialistwhiffle ball. The balls & paddles are furnished, or 785-623-2650 - www.haysrec.org - hrc@haysrec.org 13'