b'OVERNIGHT TRIP CHUCKEntry Fee:$10.00WAGON ADVENTURE Held on:Saturday, August 3Join us as we head to WichitaTime:7:00am - 5:30pmon Friday to hit the specialty store,Limitations:Min. 10 Max. 20The Spice Market, Nutty House, and a few other shops. Then that eveningLETS DO LUNCHenjoy a variety show at the Prairie RoseBreak up your busy day with a relaxing Chuckwagon dinner show.Saturday welunch at the HRC.The social scene starts will rise for breakfast before visiting theat 11:30am with lunch at noon. We will Botanic Garden.finish with a dessert. Dr. Robin Hale Entry Deadline:July 3 with Arnett Chiropractic will give a short Entry Fee:Single Room $150.00 program on the May 20th date. Double Room $100.00 Entry Deadline:Session 1: May 15Held on:Friday, July 12Sat., July 13 Session 2: July 17Time:7:30am3:00pm Entry Fee:$5.00Age:55 & older Held on:Session 1: Monday, May 20Limitations:Min. 10 Max. 22 Session 2: Friday, July 19Time:11:30amTIME MACHINE Ages:55 & olderTravel back in time when we stopLocation:Leisure Centerat Old Prairie Town in Topeka. Limitations:Min. 6 Max. 15We will see a replica log cabin, Victorian Prairie Mansion, and a Botanical Garden. HISTORICAL SITESOther outside buildings will be the townThe day is jam-packed with a square with a schoolhouse, Mulvanelot of history starting with a tour General Store, Potwin Drug store, Longoat Fort Riley.We will head to Junction Livery Stable and many more building.City for lunch at Crackle Barrel and end Lunch will include a picnic basketthe day with the Starke House Garden dinner. We will finish with a drive to seeGate Antiques. The cost of lunch is not some different kind of Kansas art.included in your fee.The Meal is included.Entry Deadline:August 21Entry Deadline:July 17 Entry Fee:$25.00Entry Fee:$33.00 Held on:Saturday, September 7Held on:Friday, July 26 Time:7:00am5:30pmTime:7:00am6:00pm Age:55 & olderAge:55 & older Limitations:Min. 10 Max. 22Limitations:Min. 10 Max 22CREAMSICLE SOCIALSHOPPING TRIP Swelting in the summer heat Looking for something you cant find?needing something to cool Travel with me to Topeka as we spendyourself down? Join us at the day shopping.We will shop at theHRC and treat yourself to a delicious Mall and surrounding stores. Have yourcreamsicle (or two) because its walking shoes on and enjoy the dayCreamsicle Day.buying or just browsing.Your meal isEntry Deadline:August 7NOT included in your entry fee. Entry Fee:$2.00Entry Deadline:July 31 Held on:Wednesday, August 1410 Hays Recreation Commission - 1105 Canterbury Drive - Hays, KS 67601'