b'CHICKEN N PICKLE Entry Fee:$18.00Come and join us for a morningHeld on:Saturday, June 1of pickleball and then finishTime:8:00am5:00pmwith lunch.Wichita newest restaurantAge:55 & older(Chicken N Pickle) offers both. CourtsDepart from:Recreation Centerare ready for two hours of play for youLimitations:Min. 10 Max. 22and your friends and then enjoy lunch to refuel the body before heading backBIRTHDAY BASHhome.Your game time is included inLets celebrate everyones birthday.your entry fee, but not your meal. Bring a picture of yourself when you Entry Deadline:May 22 were small or one of your child or Entry Fee:$20.00 grandchild that resembles you.We will Held on:Wednesday, May 29 guess who you are then enjoy cake and Depart at:7:00am - 4:00pm ice-cream.Ages:55 & older Entry Deadline:June 12Depart from:Recreation Center Entry Fee:$2.00Limitations:Min. 10 Max. 22 Held on:Monday, June 17Time:1:002:00pmTRAVEL THE FLINT HILLS Ages:55 & olderIn the morning we will visit theLocation:Leisure CenterColumbian Theatre, MuseumLimitations:Min. 5 Max. 15& Art Center enjoy lunch at a local restaurant and in the afternoon learn allPROGRESSIVE TRIPabout the habits, history, and future ofLets start out with coffee and these wooly survivors the buffalos. Thepastries, then head somewhere trailer is comfortable with bucket seatsfor lunch and finish it off with dessert.as we learn the history of Kansas FlintYou dont know where we start or how Hills, native flowers and close up pictureswe will end but climb aboard for a of the herd. The Meal is not includedmystery day of adventures. Everything is in your fee. included in your fee.Entry Deadline:May 29 Entry Deadline:June 19Entry Fee:$22.00 Entry Fee:$30.00Held on:Saturday, June 8 Held on:Saturday, June 29Time:7:30am5:30pm Time:7:30am5:00pmAge:55 & older Age:55 & olderDepart from:Recreation Center Depart from:Recreation CenterLimitations:Min. 10 Max. 18 Limitations:Min. 10 Max. 22TRAINS & ARTTravel to Phillipsburg to visit theNEVER MISS C&R model trains, then over to Fort Bissel and end with some localA DEADLINE shops on main.We will have lunch andAGAIN.Go to then travel to the Dane Hansen for thewww.haysrec.org and Cast Paper Sculptures. The Meal is notsign up 24 hours a included in your fee. day 7 days a week!Entry Deadline:May 29785-623-2650 - www.haysrec.org - hrc@haysrec.org 9'